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A lot of times these guys will pick a woman and send her a list of questions and say, “You, as a representative of feminism, will have to answer all these question about feminism for me!” And if they decline to do it, they harass them and call them cowards. The guy who made the “Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian” game, when people asked why he made that, later said he thought it would get her attention and make her engage in a discussion with him. Which is funny, because if someone would make a game about beating me up, I would be less inclined to talk to them.
Do We Have to Worry About Someone Actually Killing or Raping a Feminist Activist? | VICE United States (via brutereason)

(via brutereason)

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Richard Dawkins, hysterical dumbass. | Secular Woman

Richard Dawkins has been keeping himself very busy indeed during his stay as an involuntary organ donor in the Palace Abattoir. In response to a widely-read piece by Mark Oppenheimer about misogyny in the atheoskeptisphere, he has bravely taken to Twitter to defend his BFF Michael Shermer, the notorious subject of multiple accusations of predatory sexual behavior toward women. Shermer’s MO, as described in the Oppenheimer piece by TAM staffer Alison Smith, shares most of the typical hallmarks of an overwhelming number of rapists-at-large: boundary testing; planning assaults using sophisticated strategies to isolate victims; deploying psychological manipulation, e.g., power, control; and last but certainly not least, using alcohol deliberately in order to render targets more vulnerable if not outright unconscious. They calculate, quite correctly it turns out, that this particular modus operandi puts them at miniscule risk of ever being accused—let alone reported, investigated, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and jailed. Regardless of whether you believe Smith’s or other women’s accounts regarding Shermer, these are just facts, and this is how rape culture works in the real world.
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Stop restricting campaigns funding abortion care.


"Crowdfunding for Everyone”

Except those who need abortion care of course! Recently, GoFundMe made a statement saying that they would no longer allow petitions for essential, legal, medical care, such as abortion. This decision flies in the face of current science, legal wisdom, and common sense, and is just bad business.

GoFundMe stated that abortion is, “subject matter that GoFundMe would rather not be associated with.” Needing help funding a medical procedure is nothing to be ashamed of. Denying essential medical care to those in need is a human rights violation, and actually is something to be ashamed of. Forcing a person to essentially become a living organ donor because they can not afford medicine deemed essential by the World Health Organization, or a necessary, safe, legal, medical procedure is indeed something to be ashamed of.

We call on GoFundMe to reconsider, and publicly reverse their decision to deny people venue to fund medical care.

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